'Common-Works' (2019-2021)

As an ongoing edition-based performance project ‚Common-Works’ deals with the development of collective, semi-improvised movement practices that aim to re-locate notions of discourse and representation within collectively experienced intensities such as flow, embodiment, notions of becoming and collective trance.

Each edition can be seen as a ‚common ground’ - a safe, social space where a group of performers come together to re-discover on the bases of the ideas and concepts that circulated throughout the past editions of the score, what a new possible access might be. A diverse array of theoretical and practice-based strategies are being re-actualized in order to subsequently formulate alternative embodied structures of representation in relation to the performing body.

‘Retro-Active Tendencies’ (2020) 

is a solowork which strives to find various unspoken potentials, spaces-in-between where fiction and physical presence seem to be entangled, where the dominant narratives of the past are suspended, where meaning has stripped off all of its nostalgia to the past by the very act of repetition, in order to create a place where history has to be denounced and re-lived, where one starts to look back into the future - it urges oneself to bend back in order to relive the past.

Stripping away all the nostalgia from the act of repetition..  It could be [this].

'Semio-Rave' (2019)

is an improvised collective movement/performance practice which lasts along a DJ-Mix of approx. 40-minutes. The practice consists of several modules and is guided each time by a different person. The practice was developed out of two separate needs: On one hand, as a physical “coming together” focussing on the communal aspect of the group and on the other hand, as movement score that focusses on a physical listening of complex arrangements of rhythmical gestures. It has to date been (self-)organized in Brussels, Vienna, Berlin and Taipei.