A selection of the past years ..


•  “Common-Works N° 5.4 - Munich” at Schwere Reiter Theater
    Supported by: Tanztendenz München e.V., Projektraum Streitfeld and WEMOVE

•  “Common-Works N° 4.2 - Amsterdam” at Veem - House for Performance
     Supported by: Flemish Cultural Center “Brakke Grond”, ROSAS/PARTS - Studios Creation Support and WEMOVE


• “Common-Works N° 2.3 - Taipei”, resulting out of a 6-Week Residency at “Taipei Artist Village” (TAV), in close collaboration with 10
     local performers from Taiwan, supported by 臺藝大造形表演工坊 Atelier Transformeurs, National Taiwan University of Arts-台藝大 (︎LINK)

• “Reusable Parts/Endless Love” by Gerard & Kelly, Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and Centre National de Danse (CN D) - Camping
     Asia Dance Festival, Bopiliao Historic Block Performance Hall, Taipei, Taiwan (︎LINK)

• “Opening Night: Artists in Architecture”, part of Jacques Ligot's residency production at the Strebelle House (Studio-garden Verrewinkel),
     Horta Hall, Bozar, Brussels (︎LINK)

• “Duo: Bass clarinet and percussion”, Music composed by Morton Feldman, GXII Festival, Brussels (︎LINK)

• “Somnia“ by Rosas/ Parts, Kunstenfestival des Arts, Brussels/ Gaasbeek (︎LINK)

• “Slow Walk- My walking is my dancing" by Anne Teresa de Keersmaker/ Rosas, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bruges (︎LINK)

• “Vortex Temporum“ (2013) by Rosas, at Rosas Peformance Space, GXII Festival, Brussels (︎LINK)


• “Excavation Project #1”, Depot Hall, Leuven, Belgium (︎LINK)

• "The King’s laundry house" by Jan Rohwedder, RPS, Brussels  (︎LINK)

• "La Fabrique Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at CND", Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Drumming" (1998) by Rosas, Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Slow Walk- My walking is my dancing" by/with Anne Teresa de Keersmaker/ Rosas, Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Avoiding deLIFEath" by Ivo Dimchev, Impulstanz 2018, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz (︎LINK)

• "Lucky day" (Casting Edit) by Ivo Dimchev, Wembley Stadium, London (︎LINK)

• “Formation” (Adaption) by Emmanuelle Huynh, in Collaboration with Beaux-Arts de Paris / La Cambre, Thalie Lab, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Static“ by Phoebe Berglund, Villa Empain/ Boghossian Foundation, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Let it all out“, by Cristian Duarte in Collaboration mit Tom Monteiro (︎LINK)


• „Early Works” by Trisha Brown Dance Company New York, „120” by Boris Charmatz (Le Musée de la danse),Festival d’Automne à Paris,
   Centquatre Paris (︎LINK)

• Solowork „o.T.#3“ Koninklijke Gaanderijen - Dansand Festival, Oostende, Belgium (︎LINK)

• „Dag van de dans“ in collaboration with Benjamin Vandewalle & P.A.R.T.S

• „Duality” created for poet Sukina Abdul Noor, Passa Porta Festival 2017, Premiere Beursschouwburg, Brussels (︎LINK)

• Loie Fuller's “Serpentine Dance” (re-enactment), ECA, Vienna (︎LINK)

• P.A.R.T.S. Opening/closing of Kunstenfestival des Arts in Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Traiskirchen.Das Musical” - Tina Leisch (cooperation with „Wiener Festwochen”), (responsible for choreographic structure, performed by
    48 dancers & actors), Volkstheater Wien (︎LINK)

• P.A.R.T.S (sev. curricular & extracurricular showings and „Open Field Experiments“ e.g. with Boris Charmatz, Forsythe Company, Rosas,
   Trisha Brown Dance Company, KVS Theatre)


• „Poly's Pulse” by Naima Mazic, Smog, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „WHATWEARE”, (Solowork by Massimo Gerardi/subsTANZ), S.Giorgio Theatre Udine, Italy (︎LINK)

• „Goodbye & Goodnight“, Im Ersten, Wien (︎LINK)

• „Tanz und Gib Ihm” documentary by Tina Leisch/nanookfilm, part of 15 life stories), premiered: „This human world” film festival 2016,
   Filmcasino Wien (︎LINK)


• „Living room“, Cie. Willi Dorner, Sonnwendviertel Wien

• „Trisha Brown, Liz King & Doris Uhlich“, part of ImPulsTanz Festival, Akademietheater Wien

• „Golden Jumpers“ by Anton Lachky for the Festival “Lange Nacht des Tanzes” CCB – Bleiburg/Pliberk

• „Kons/tanzt“ by Esther Balfe (Forsythe Repertory) , Simon Mayer, Georg Blaschke, Elio Gervasi, Saju Hari (Akram Khan),  Palais Kabelwerk,


• „Strech“ by Darrel Toulon, KonsStudios, Wien

• „Flesh Dance“, Tanzquartier Wien

• „LebensRaum Tanz“, Graz Tanzt

• „Refugium Tanz – offener Raum für Tanz“, Graz

• „Nature Moves 4“, Sprudel Sprudel & Musik Festival, Gössl, Salzkammergut

• „Friktion Lend – Blaue Zone“ by Robert Poole, La Strada, Graz

• „SATURDANCE“, Brunnenpassage


• „Kons/tanzt“, MuTh, Wien

• „Elements“, Theater Akzent

• „Wiener Opernball“ (2008,2010)

• „Matinee” der Wiener Staatsoper

• „Der Nussknacker“, Wiener Staatsoper

Thumbnail photo “Artists in Architecture” by: Jacques Ligot & Bozar - Centre for fine art Brussels