by Mary Szydlowska

Timothy Nouzak B.A., from Vienna, Austria (AT) and Houston, Texas (US) is a young performance maker based in Brussels (BE). He started out with classical ballet at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. At the age of 16, he started his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in "Contemporary and Classical Dance" at the Music and Arts University of Vienna, where he graduated at the age of 19.  Since 2016, he is living in Brussels and currently enrolled in a post-graduate research programme called STUDIOS – designed for young makers at P.A.R.T.S. – Performing Arts Research and Training Studios under the direction of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

In the past years he performed with Shelley Senter/Trisha Brown “Set and Reset/Reset” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), P.A.R.T.S./Rosas “Somnia” at Kunstenfestivaldesarts (BE), Rosas “Drumming” at CN D during Festival d'Automne de Paris (FR), Gerard&Kelly “Reusable Parts/Endless Love” during Festival Camping Asia, in Taipei (TW), Ivo Dimchev “Avoiding deLIFEath” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), Anton Lachky “Golden Jumpers” at CCB-Bleiburg Festival (SK), Sukina Abdul Noor “Duality” at Passa Porta Festival (BE), Phoebe Berglund “Static” at Boghossian Foundation/ Villa Empain (BE), Willi Dorner “Living Room” at Sonnwendviertel (AT), ”WHATWEARE”/SubsTanz, S. Giorgio Festival Udine (IT). In 2017 he was invited by regisseur Tina Leisch to co-choreograph “Traiskirchen”, a political performance work for 48 performers from various backgrounds in the frame of “Wiener Festwochen” at Volkstheater. 


He works around the question, how signifier (re-) present themselves in movement, how collectivity can be rediscovered through means of collective listening and collective sensing and how our social environment is enacted through shared physical memories by setting the focus on the development of collective movement practices that happen in the frame of semi-improvised movement scores.

Movement-scores are thereby understood as semi-improvised „movement-notations”, that organize happenings and occurrences in space. Common-Works as an edition-based movement-score series has to date been performed December 2019 in Taipei together with 10 performers during a 5 weeks residency at ‚Taipei artist Village‘ as well February 2020 in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal as part of a cultural exchange between 20 different makers from Africa, the US and Europe. In October 2020, Timothy has created another edition in Amsterdam  at Veem- House for Performance as well as in beginning of December 2020 in Munich at Tanztendenz/ Schwere Reiter. Currently the next editions are planned in  Brussels, Berlin and Dublin. 

In the past, he received project fellowship awards for work in Reggio Emilia (IT) by Agora/ Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli as well as the “Darrel Toulon Stipendium” of int. Bühnenwerkstatt by Ursula Gigler- Gausterer.