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Timothy is an Austrian-American choreographer, performer and maker. He started out with classical ballet at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. At the age of 16 he started his B.A. in Dance at the Music and Arts University of Vienna which he finished with 19. After studies in Journalism and Geography, Timothy moved in 2016 to Brussels where he finished the Training Cycle and STUDIOS M.A. Programe (Generation 12.) at P.A.R.T.S. - Performing Arts Research and Training Studios, under the direction of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/ ROSAS.  Currently he is part of IPSD Angewandte and Tongji University Shanghai where he focuses on artistic practices that connect to the public sphere, inter-/trans-national collaboration and raise quesions on how ideas surrounding social choreographies can critically stipulate more sustainable afterlives.

His artistic work is framed within several communal movement practices, that explore how notions of collectivity can be rediscovered through means of collective listening and collective sensing. His work focusses on the implementation of embodied and discursive practices, happening at trans-disciplinary crossroads, thereby reflecting on intersections connected norm/narrative, culture/identity and embodied history/memory. Over the past years Timothy received several project fellowship awards for work in Reggio Emilia (IT) by Agora/ Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli and was a recipient of the “Darrel Toulon Stipendium” prize by Ursula Gigler- Gausterer.

Besides engagements with his own artistic work he has in the past performed with Shelley Senter/Trisha Brown “Set and Reset/Reset” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), P.A.R.T.S./Rosas “Somnia” at Kunstenfestivaldesarts (BE), Rosas “Drumming” at CN D during Festival d'Automne de Paris (FR), Benjamin Vandewalle „Derailed“ at KAAP Ostend (BE), Gerard&Kelly “Reusable Parts/Endless Love” during Festival Camping Asia, in Taipei (TW), Ivo Dimchev “Avoiding deLIFEath” at ImPulsTanz Festival (AT), Anton Lachky “Golden Jumpers” at CCB-Bleiburg Festival (SK), Sukina Abdul Noor “Duality” at Passa Porta Festival (BE), Phoebe Berglund “Static” at Boghossian Foundation/ Villa Empain (BE), Willi Dorner “Living Room” at Sonnwendviertel (AT), ”WHATWEARE”/SubsTanz, at S. Giorgio Festival Udine (IT). In 2019 he was invited by regisseur Tina Leisch to co-choreograph “Traiskirchen”, a political performance work for 48 performers from various backgrounds with its premiere in the frame of “Wiener Festwochen” at Volkstheater.  In 2020 Timothy founded of a non-profit art collective called „WEMOVE - zur Förderung junger performativer und experimenteller Kunst“ in Vienna (AT). 

His work integrated several support and production partners such as Taipei Artist Village, École des Sables, BAU Amsterdam, Brakke Grond, Tanztendenz, Veem-House for Performance, Schwere Reiter, P.A.R.T.S., WILD Gallery, Zaman Brussels, STUK Leuven, BUDA Kustencetrum, Danspunt, Connect vzw., Passerelle and others.

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