•  Two-part research residency in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, co-hosted by Chiang Mai University and PTIS - Prem Tinsulanonda International (︎LINK)

•  Co-coordinator project „How We Ought To Be Together“ part of the INTRA research cluster “Archives in Practice”: research fellowship that engages with transdisciplinary, socially engaged art practices. (Jan-Mai 2023) (︎LINK)

•  „The Other’s Body“ (2023) Performance at Künstlerhaus Wien (︎LINK)

•  Invited guest lecturer at NTUA - National Taiwan University of the Arts at the Graduate School of Contemporary Visual Culture and Practice „expanded ways of choreography through embodiment and applied digital video technology“ and at the NTUA College of Performing Arts „maps of entanglement - a research on embodied forms of listening and sensing“ (︎LINK)

•  Research project at Tongji University Shanghai on perspectives of grassroots decision-making and feedback culture via expanded scores of embodied team-building. (︎LINK)

•  Studio Residency at Project Space „Sense Gallery” at 798 Art Zone, Beijing (CN)  (︎LINK)


•  Research Residency in Marseille & Toulouse with Cie. Les Redoux

•  „2022 Resident“ at Artist Residency Thailand (ART) organized by ARThailand, Chiang Mai (TH) (︎LINK)

•  Guest lecturer for teaching practitioners and educators at PTIS - Prem Tinsulanonda International: „Focusing on the notions ‚access, sensing and translation‘ within an experience-based educational movement learning context“

•  Invited Guest at Suci-Symposium organized by Silpakorn University Bangkok (TH): impulse lecture on comparative identity-/ and body politics by focussing on the research findings of „Common-Works (2019-2021)“ (︎LINK)

•  Communication and Strategy Consultant for the Performing Arts Dept. of a german entertainment company : Direct organization of more than 50 employees by ensuring optimal safe work conditions in the operational area, help to deploy co-creative and participatory creation techniques, co-creating a Covid-19 safety concept, supervising and mentoring the entertainment creations in the park, artist management, introduction and training of new employees, control of work and break times, control of covid-19 safety guidelines, direct reporting to the entertainment lead (Part-Time: Duration February-July 2022)

•  Coach for Bachelor Work at „KKP/Performative Praxen“ at Die Angewandte University

•  Associated project fellow to the department „Angewandte Performance Lab (APL)" at Die Angewandte - University of Applied Arts Vienna (since Feb. 2022)  (︎LINK)

•  “Common-Works N° 7.8 - Lublijana” at PTL Theater Ljubljana (cancelled)

•  “Reading [out]” closing intervention with Charlotte Bastam at APL Performance Lab Wien (AT)


•  “Derailed”, Derailed 2021, Benjamin Vandewalle, Caravan Production  (︎LINK)

•  “Common-Works N° 6.8 - Kortrijk” at Passerelle/BUDA Kortijk

•  “Common-Works N° 5.7 - Leuven/ Brussels” at STUK-House for Dance, Image & Sound/PARTS (︎LINK)

• “Hospitality / Institution Building“ at CIVA Brussels, Performance w/ Jaques Ligot (︎LINK)


•  “Common-Works N° 5.4 - Munich” at Schwere Reiter Theater
    Supported by: Tanztendenz München e.V., Projektraum Streitfeld and WEMOVE (︎LINK)

•  “Common-Works N° 4.2 - Amsterdam” at Veem - House for Performance
     Supported by: Flemish Cultural Center “Brakke Grond”, ROSAS/PARTS - Studios Creation Support and WEMOVE

•  “Common-Works N° 3.3 - Toubab Dialaw”, 6-Week Residency exchange in Toubab Dialaw & Dakar with 10 young African and European makers.
     Collaboration between École des Sables and P.A.R.T.S.


• “Common-Works N° 2.3 - Taipei”, resulting out of a 6-Week Residency at “Taipei Artist Village” (TAV), in close collaboration with 10
     local performers from Taiwan, supported by 臺藝大造形表演工坊 Atelier Transformeurs, National Taiwan University of Arts-台藝大 (︎LINK)

• “Reusable Parts/Endless Love” by Gerard & Kelly, Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and Centre National de Danse (CN D) - Camping
     Asia Dance Festival, Bopiliao Historic Block Performance Hall, Taipei, Taiwan (︎LINK)

• “Opening Night: Artists in Architecture”, part of Jacques Ligot's residency production at the Strebelle House (Studio-garden Verrewinkel),
     Horta Hall, Bozar, Brussels (︎LINK)

• “Duo: Bass clarinet and percussion”, Music composed by Morton Feldman, GXII Festival, Brussels (︎LINK)

• “Somnia“ by Rosas/ Parts, Kunstenfestival des Arts, Brussels/ Gaasbeek (︎LINK)

• “Slow Walk- My walking is my dancing" by Anne Teresa de Keersmaker/ Rosas, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bruges (︎LINK)

• “Vortex Temporum“ (2013) by Rosas, at Rosas Peformance Space, GXII Festival, Brussels (︎LINK)


• “Excavation Project #1”, Depot Hall, Leuven, Belgium (︎LINK)

• "The King’s laundry house" by Jan Rohwedder, RPS, Brussels  (︎LINK)

• "La Fabrique Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at CND", Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Drumming" (1998) by Rosas, Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Slow Walk- My walking is my dancing" by/with Anne Teresa de Keersmaker/ Rosas, Festival d’Automne, Paris (︎LINK)

• "Avoiding deLIFEath" by Ivo Dimchev, Impulstanz 2018, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz (︎LINK)

• "Lucky day" (Casting Edit) by Ivo Dimchev, Wembley Stadium, London (︎LINK)

• “Formation” (Adaption) by Emmanuelle Huynh, in Collaboration with Beaux-Arts de Paris / La Cambre, Thalie Lab, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Static“ by Phoebe Berglund, Villa Empain/ Boghossian Foundation, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Let it all out“, by Cristian Duarte in Collaboration mit Tom Monteiro (︎LINK)


• „Early Works” by Trisha Brown Dance Company New York, „120” by Boris Charmatz (Le Musée de la danse),Festival d’Automne à Paris,
   Centquatre Paris (︎LINK)

• Solowork „o.T.#3“ Koninklijke Gaanderijen - Dansand Festival, Oostende, Belgium (︎LINK)

• „Dag van de dans“ in collaboration with Benjamin Vandewalle & P.A.R.T.S

• „Duality” created for poet Sukina Abdul Noor, Passa Porta Festival 2017, Premiere Beursschouwburg, Brussels (︎LINK)

• Loie Fuller's “Serpentine Dance” (re-enactment), ECA, Vienna (︎LINK)

• P.A.R.T.S. Opening/closing of Kunstenfestival des Arts in Brussels (︎LINK)

• „Traiskirchen.Das Musical” - Tina Leisch (cooperation with „Wiener Festwochen”), (responsible for choreographic structure, performed by
    48 dancers & actors), Volkstheater Wien (︎LINK)

• P.A.R.T.S (sev. curricular & extracurricular showings and „Open Field Experiments“ e.g. with Boris Charmatz, Forsythe Company, Rosas,
   Trisha Brown Dance Company, KVS Theatre)


• „Poly's Pulse” by Naima Mazic, Smog, Brussels (︎LINK)

• „WHATWEARE”, (Solowork by Massimo Gerardi/subsTANZ), S.Giorgio Theatre Udine, Italy (︎LINK)

• „Goodbye & Goodnight“, Im Ersten, Wien (︎LINK)

• „Tanz und Gib Ihm” documentary by Tina Leisch/nanookfilm, part of 15 life stories), premiered: „This human world” film festival 2016,
   Filmcasino Wien (︎LINK)


• „Living room“, Cie. Willi Dorner, Sonnwendviertel Wien

• „Trisha Brown, Liz King & Doris Uhlich“, part of ImPulsTanz Festival, Akademietheater Wien

• „Golden Jumpers“ by Anton Lachky for the Festival “Lange Nacht des Tanzes” CCB – Bleiburg/Pliberk

• „Kons/tanzt“ by Esther Balfe (Forsythe Repertory) , Simon Mayer, Georg Blaschke, Elio Gervasi, Saju Hari (Akram Khan),  Palais Kabelwerk,


• „Strech“ by Darrel Toulon, KonsStudios, Wien

• „Flesh Dance“, Tanzquartier Wien

• „LebensRaum Tanz“, Graz Tanzt

• „Refugium Tanz – offener Raum für Tanz“, Graz

• „Nature Moves 4“, Sprudel Sprudel & Musik Festival, Gössl, Salzkammergut

• „Friktion Lend – Blaue Zone“ by Robert Poole, La Strada, Graz

• „SATURDANCE“, Brunnenpassage


• „Kons/tanzt“, MuTh, Wien

• „Elements“, Theater Akzent

• „Wiener Opernball“ (2008,2010)

• „Matinee” der Wiener Staatsoper

• „Der Nussknacker“, Wiener Staatsoper

© Artists in Architecture by: Jacques Ligot /  Bozar - Centre for fine art Brussels